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Figure F8. Thin section photomicrographs of shallow-marine bioclasts in stratigraphic Unit II. A. Bryozoan fragment (Sample 330-U1372A-8R-2W, 24–28 cm; Thin Section 21). B. Oyster fragment showing alternating constructional layers of lamellae and vesicular shell structure (Sample 330-U1372A-5R-4W, 126–130 cm; Thin Section 12). C. Annelid tubes encrusted on possible shell fragment. Note geopetal structure in bottom of annelid tube and echinoderm fragment in lowermost left corner (Sample 330-U1372A-8R-1W, 20–23 cm; Thin Section 20). D. Corallinacean red alga fragment (Sample 330-U1372A-8R-1W, 20–23 cm; Thin Section 20).

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