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Figure F32. Thin section photomicrographs of veins. A, B. Millimeter-thick vein in aphyric to moderately olivine-phyric basalt, volcanic breccia (A) filled with calcite and (B) vein crosscutting augite phenocryst (Sample 330-U1373A-2R-3, 133–135 cm; Thin Section 78; crossed polars). C. Millimeter-thick vein in massive, highly olivine-augite-phyric basalt filled with calcite and black clay (Sample 330-U1373A-7R-1, 84–86 cm; Thin Section 89; plane-polarized light). D. Composite millimeter-thick vein in aphyric basalt lava flow filled with calcite, iron oxides, and black and brown clay (Sample 330-U1373A-11R-2, 96–98 cm; Thin Section 104; plane-polarized light).

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