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Figure F60. A. Core recovery and observed stratigraphy, Hole U1373A (see Fig. F11 for explanation of patterns and abbreviations). B. Plot of characteristic remanent magnetization inclination from alternating-field (AF) or thermally demagnetized discrete samples with maximum angular deviation ≤ 5°. Shading scheme represents the in situ confidence index (ISCI; see “Igneous petrology and volcanology” in the “Methods” chapter [Expedition 330 Scientists, 2012a]) for identifying distinct lava flow units, where the darkest shade of blue is the most confident and green is not applicable (NA; i.e., deposits cannot have retained their orientation since cooling). C–E. Histograms of inclination for (C) all archive-half 2 cm interval data with misfits ≤ 3.42, (D) piece averages for pieces occurring in distinct lava flow units with an ISCI of 3, and (E) discrete samples taken from lava flow units with an ISCI of 3. Statistics presented in the inset panels are inclination-only means (±α95). Note that because of the uncertainty in whether some individual units are in situ, averages by lithologic unit have not been calculated. Faint colored histograms in background are equivalent results from Hole U1372A for comparison (not included in statistical calculations).

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