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Figure F23. Scanned core photographs of four breccia types in Hole U1374A. A. Poorly sorted breccia with irregular scoriaceous clasts that probably formed in a hydrovolcanic eruption (Unit XII; interval 330-U1374A-29R-1A, 76–90 cm). B. Fines-free breccia with angular, blocky clasts with broken edges and sharp contacts (Unit XIII; interval 330-U1374A-43R-1A, 77–91 cm). C. Lobate, plagioclase-phyric clasts in hyaloclastite matrix (Unit XVIII; interval 330-U1374A-57R-3A, 129–143 cm). D. Angular, aphyric basalt clasts in hyaloclastite matrix (Unit XIX; interval 330-U1374A-66R-6A, 55–69 cm).

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