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Figure F29. Scanned core photographs of dike margins, Hole U1374A. A. A 15 mm wide dike intruding hyaloclastite breccia (interval 330-U1374A-55R-4A, 82–91 cm). B. Steeply inclined chilled upper margin (interval 330-U1374A-58R-3A, 30–41 cm). C. Near-vertical margin (interval 330-U1374A-59R-1A, 120–134 cm). Note near-vertical bands of vesicles running parallel to sheet margin. D. Steeply inclined lower margin (interval 330-U1374A-59R-2A, 121–134 cm). E. Peperitic sheet margin in contact with hyaloclastite breccia (interval 330-U1374A-60R-1A, 31–55 cm). F. Peperitic sheet margin (top) separated from normal margin of second sheet or second phase of sheet injection by thin sliver of hyaloclastite breccia (interval 330-U1374A-68R-5A, 91–129 cm).

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