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Figure F33. Close-up photographs of different infillings in vesicles, vugs, and voids from hand specimen basaltic samples. Core surfaces were photographed dry. Arrows point toward top of core. A. Vesicles (in aphyric basalt breccia) containing small, well-crystallized zeolites and showing a blue coating (interval 330-U1374A-5R-2, 19–29 cm). B. Subangular vesicle (in aphyric basalt lava flow) totally filled with blue-green celadonite (interval 330-U1374A-7R-2, 63–69 cm). C. Vesicle (in moderately olivine-phyric basalt breccia) filled with carbonates and botryoidal black, brown, and green-blue celadonite (interval 330-U1374A-43R-5, 75–81 cm). D. Voids in sedimentary breccia showing coating with carbonates associated with green clay minerals (interval 330-U1374A-22R-1, 118–126 cm). E. Vesicles (in highly plagioclase-olivine-augite-phyric basalt breccia) displaying botryoidal, well-crystallized carbonates (interval 330-U1374A-26R-2, 120–135 cm). F. Well-formed crystals of zeolite associated with goethite in a vug (interval 330-U1374A-9R-2, 109–110 cm).

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