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Figure F5 (continued). H. Multicolor volcanic sandstone in Subunit VIIB (interval 330-U1374A-8R-1A, 10–50 cm), interpreted as one or several hyperconcentrated flow deposit(s) emplaced on a shallow-marine slope. I. Multicolor basalt breccia with bioclasts in Subunit VIIC (interval 330-U1374A-8R-3A, 19–59 cm), interpreted to record the emplacement of debris flows in a shallow-marine environment. Arrow indicates a larger bioclast (possible algal fragment). J, K. Sediments interpreted to have emplaced on a shallow-marine or subaerial slope as a debris flow: (J) multicolor basalt breccia in Subunit IXA (interval 330-U1374A-13R-1A, 25.5–65.5 cm), (K) multicolor volcanic sandstone in Subunit IXB (interval 330-U1374A-14R-3A, 32–72 cm). (Continued on next page.)

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