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Figure F6. Core photograph and diagram of condensed interval observed at top of Subunit IID (foraminiferal bioclast limestone; interval 330-U1374A-3R-1A, 65–79 cm) showing several limestone types (Lm1–Lm3), ferromanganese-phosphate encrustations (Mn), basalt clasts (B), and ferromanganese phosphate–coated basalt clasts (Mn-B). Note that volcanic sandstone (Snd) of Subunit IIC fills burrows in the limestone of Subunit IID. The limestone (Lm3) and sandstone (left infill) were dated to the late Campanian and late Maastrichtian, respectively, on the basis of foraminiferal and nannofossil assemblages (see “Paleontology”). 1 = erosional surface between Subunits IIC and IID, 2–4 = possible hiatuses and hardground surfaces in condensed interval at top of Subunit IID.

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