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Figure F63. TiO2 vs. (A) Ba, (B) Sr, (C) P2O5, and (D) Y for Sites U1372–U1374. Note that major element data for Expedition 330 are normalized to 100 wt% totals. Data for dredge samples from the Louisville Seamount Trail include only samples with LOI < 6 wt% (data of Hawkins et al., 1987; Vanderkluysen et al., 2007; Beier et al., 2011). Fields for several Hawaiian volcanoes are shown (“Hawaii shield” fields are for Mauna Kea [blue outline], Mauna Loa [green outline], and Kilauea [red outline]; data of Lipman et al., 1990; Frey et al., 1991; Moore and Clague, 1992; Clague et al., 1995; Rhodes and Hart, 1995; Garcia et al., 2003; “Hawaii postshield” fields include Lapahoehoe and Hamakua lavas; data of Frey et al., 1990; West et al., 1988), along with fields for the southern East Pacific Rise (EPR; data of Sinton et al., 1991; Bach et al., 1994; Mahoney et al., 1994), and Ontong Java Plateau (OJP; data of Tejada et al., 1996, 2002; Fitton and Godard, 2004).

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