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Figure F8. Close-up photographs of representative infill textures and synvolcanic features of volcanic breccia, Site U1374. A. Volcanic basement in Subunit XIII with possible (1) sedimentary basalt breccia and (2) volcanic basalt breccia (interval 330-U1374A-32R-3A, 31–61 cm). B. Peperitic texture at base of lava flow with deformed micrite-bearing volcaniclastic limestone in Unit V (interval 330-U1374A-5R-4A, 101–119 cm). C. (1) Jigsaw puzzle fit indicating in situ brecciation of a volcanic breccia, with (2) later infill deposit in Unit XIII (interval 330-U1374A-33R-3A, 52–62 cm). D. Sedimentary basalt breccia showing evidence of infill deposits coeval to calcite cementation, with (1) early calcite cement, (2) infill deposit, and (3) late calcite cement in Subunit IXC (interval 330-U1374A-13R-2A, 59–70 cm). E. Volcanic basalt breccia with infill deposit of (1) fossil- and micrite-bearing sandstone in Unit X (interval 330-U1374A-19R-1A, 13–19 cm).

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