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Figure F28. Thin section photomicrographs of vesicles. A, B. Vesicle (moderately olivine-augite-phyric pillow basalt) filled first with brown clay and well-crystallized carbonates and later by additional carbonates (Sample 330-U1376A-6R-1, 70–74 cm; Thin Section 249): (A) plane-polarized light, (B) crossed polars. C. Vesicles (highly olivine-phyric basalt) showing multistage infilling with carbonates, green clay, and Fe oxyhydroxides (Sample 330-U1376A-7R-4, 119–122 cm; Thin Section 254; transmitted light). D. Vesicles (highly olivine-phyric basalt) showing filling with brown clay, hematite, and palagonite(?) (Sample 330-U1376A-7R-4, 119–122 cm; Thin Section 254; plane-polarized light). E, F. Vesicles (aphyric basalt intrusive sheet) showing different infilling with green clay and brown clay or hematite (Sample 330-U1376A-15R-2, 37–39 cm; Thin Section 259; plane-polarized light).

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