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Figure F30. Thin section photomicrographs of veins. A, B. Millimeter-thick veins (highly olivine-phyric basalt clast) filled with fibrous calcite and brown and green clay (Sample 330-U1376A-6R-6, 128–131 cm; Thin Section 253): (A) plane-polarized light, (B) crossed polars. C, D. Submillimeter-thick veins (highly olivine-augite-phyric massive basalt) filled with fibrous calcite and green clay (Sample 330-U1376A-14R-3, 84–86 cm; Thin Section 258): (C) plane-polarized light, (D) crossed polars. E. Millimeter-thick vein (highly olivine-phyric basalt clast) crosscutting altered olivine and filled with fibrous carbonate (Sample 330-U1376A-6R-4, 119–122 cm; Thin Section 252; plane-polarized light).

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