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Figure F38. Total alkalis vs. silica for Sites U1372–U1377, with Le Maitre et al.’s (1989) classification of volcanic rock types. The dashed line divides data for tholeiitic and alkalic rocks of Hawaii (Macdonald and Katsura, 1964; Macdonald, 1968). Expedition 330 data are normalized to 100 wt% totals. Shown for comparison are data for dredge samples from the length of the Louisville Seamount Trail (only data for dredge samples with LOI < 6 wt% are included; data of Hawkins et al., 1987; Vanderkluysen et al., 2007; Beier et al., 2011). Also shown are fields for the southern East Pacific Rise (EPR; data of Sinton et al., 1991; Bach et al., 1994; Mahoney et al., 1994) and Ontong Java Plateau (OJP; data of Tejada et al., 1996, 2002; Fitton and Godard, 2004).

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