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Figure F4. Close-up photographs of representative lithologies, Site U1377. A. Foraminiferal limestone with (1) ferromanganese-phosphorous encrustation in Unit II of Hole U1377A (interval 330-U1377A-2R-1A, 0–17 cm). B. Pale yellowish nannofossil foraminiferal ooze in Unit I of Hole U1377B (interval 330-U1377B-1R-1A, 10–30 cm). C. Multicolor basalt conglomerate with (1) ferromanganese encrustations in Unit II of Hole U1377B (interval 330-U1377B-1R-2A, 0–21.5 cm). Intercobble spaces are filled with bioturbated multicolor foraminiferal limestone. Also shown is (2) a geopetal structure defined by infilling of foraminiferal limestone and a void. D. Sediment pieces in ghost core in Hole U1377B (interval 330-U1377B-3G-1A, 13–36.5 cm). Upper four pieces are composed of foraminiferal limestone with ferromanganese encrustations. Lowermost piece (Piece 7) contains several lithologies: (1) grayish foraminiferal limestone with basalt clasts, (2) ferromanganese crust with concentric layering, and (3) bioturbated foraminiferal limestone with rare shallow-marine bioclasts.

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