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Table T2. CMG3T broadband seismometer specifications.

Item Specification
Dimensions 4.5 inch diameter 950 mm length
Pressure housing Grade 5 titanium tested for 6000 m water depth
Measurement direction Horizontal north/east and vertical
Output channels Broadband velocity, mass position, tilt
Frequency response Velocity response between 360 s and 50 Hz
Channel mapping Vertical: Z2, north/south velocity: N2, east/west velocity: E2
Vertical mass position: M8, north/south mass position: M9, east/west mass position: MA
Calibration signal: X2
East/west tilt: MF, north/south tilt: MC
Nominal sensitivity:
Velocity channels 2 sensors: 750 V/m/s each, digitizer: 3.2 µV/count
Mass position Sensor: 2500 V/m/s2, digitizer: 290 µV/count (4 Hz), 1.13 µV/count (1 Hz)
Calibration Digitizer: 3.2 µV/count, sensor calibration coil: 51 kΩ, 0.025 A/m/s2
Tilt Approximately 1200 counts for 1° tilt; MF channel positive for east tilt, MC channel negative for north tilt
Standard sampling frequencies 100 Hz (velocity), 4 Hz (mass position and tilt)
1 Hz (decimated velocity)
Operational tilt range Within 4.5° from vertical for velocity sensor
Sensor control Leveling/Unlock/Lock/Centering/Calibration through command from serial communication line
Serial interface RS-422, 57,600 bps, data transmission in GCF
Power requirement 24–36 V DC
~6 W when unlocking, 2.8 W running
Connector Seacon MINK-10-FCR 10 pin for power and serial communication
Time synchronization Streamsync
Synchronization status given by ASCII status block

bps = bits per second. GCF = Guralp Compressed Format.

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