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Figure F2. Overview of standard core flow from rig floor, through core cutting, core processing, description, sampling, and storage area. X-CT = X-ray computed tomography, MSCL-W = whole-round multisensor core logger, GRA = gamma ray attenuation, MS = magnetic susceptibility, NGR = natural gamma ray, RMS = routine microbiology sampling, VCD = visual core description, MSCL-C = contact core logger, MSCL-I = imaging core logger, MAD = moisture and density, XRD = X-ray diffraction, XRF = X-ray fluorescence, PWV = P-wave velocity, ER = electrical resistivity, GC = gas chromatograph, FID = flame ionization detector, UV = ultraviolet, ICP-AES = inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectroscopy, ICP-MS = inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry, CHNS = carbon-hydrogen-nitrogen-sulfur analyzer, XRF-CL = X-ray fluorescence–core logger.

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