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Table T3. Normalization factors for calculation of relative mineral abundance using bulk powder X-ray diffraction analysis.

Affected mineral
in standard mixture:
Normalization factor
Total clay Quartz Plagioclase Calcite
Influencing mineral:
Total clay 9.8956702E–03 –1.5889532E–04 –2.8855808E–04 –7.3842803E–04
Quartz –4.7221169E–05 5.8782392E–04 –4.7869325E–05 –3.1098843E–05
Plagioclase 7.2794763E–04 –4.2840613E–05 1.3719777E–03 –3.6005495E–05
Calcite 4.2042411E–05 3.3021188E–06 –4.1329499E–06 1.3071455E–03

Singular value decomposition was used to compute factors, following Fisher and Underwood (1995).

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