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Figure F8. A. Core photo of a fluidized ash layer, corresponding to MTD 4, Subunit IA. B. Core photo of sand-sized volcaniclastic layer, likely correlated to the onland Azuki volcanic ash bed. C. Detail of this sand layer (Section 333-C0018A-14H-8, 46 cm). This sand is composed of pumice, volcanic lithic fragments, metamorphic lithic fragments, quartz, feldspar, and foraminifers. D. Smear slide photo (Section 333-C0018A-14H-8, 77 cm) showing that this ash is mainly composed of volcanic glass shards with minor amounts of hornblende, orthopyroxene, and clinopyroxene. At the center of the photo, an obsidian fragment is visible, which is characteristic of the Azuki volcanic ash bed. E. Smear slide photo of volcanic ash tentatively correlated to the Pink volcanic ash bed (Section 333-C0018A-23H-3, 49 cm), based on characteristic microscopic features showing bubble wall volcanic glass shards and minor amount of hornblende.

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