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Figure F5. Detail of volcanic ash layers in Subunit IA. A. Ash layers occur together with green bands in the silty clay background sediment, a probable result from the accumulation of iron (Fe) in such bands (Section 333-C0012C-2H-1) (see also Fig. F6 in the “Site C0011” chapter [Expedition 333 Scientists, 2012b]). B. Ash layers and patches of ash occurring within an interval showing evidence for disturbance from both drilling and in situ deformation (Section 333-C0012C-2H-5). C, D. Details from lower part of Subunit IA showing tilted color bands and ash layers, some faulting and folding of the green bands. C. Section 333-C0012C-4H-8. D. Section 333-C0012C-3H-7. F = faults.

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