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Table T1. Nomenclature.

Variable Definition Dimension Unit
AMB Mineral surface area covered by one molecule of methylene blue L2 m2
Av Avogadro’s number Dimensionless
Cc Compression index Dimensionless
cv Coefficient of consolidation L2/T m2/s
D Particle diameter L m
D25 Particle diameter at which 25% are smaller by mass L µm
D50 Median particle diameter L µm
D75 Particle diameter at which 75% are smaller by mass L µm
e Void ratio Dimensionless
e0 Reference void ratio Dimensionless
eσa′ Void ratio at axial effective stress Dimensionless
g Acceleration due to gravity L/T2 m/s2
H Instantaneous sample height L m
H0 Initial sample height L m
k Permeability L2 m2
k0 Permeability at reference void ratio L2 m2
L Effective depth from solution surface to center of hydrometer bulb L m
Mm Molar mass of methylene blue M g/mol
mp Mass fraction of particles remaining in suspension Dimensionless
ms Dry mass of specimen M kg
mv Coefficient of volume compressibility LT2/M 1/Pa
N Number of methylene blue increments Dimensionless
OCR Overconsolidation ratio Dimensionless
Pc Air-water capillary pressure M/LT2 Pa
PHg Mercury injection pressure M/LT2 Pa
r50 Median pore radius L µm
rp Pore radius L m
Sa Specific surface L2/M m2/g
t Time T s
V Volume of solution L3 m3
Δu Base excess pressure M/LT2 Pa
ΔW Work per unit volume M/LT2 J/m3
z Depth below seafloor L m
ε Axial strain Dimensionless
εσa′ Axial strain at axial effective stress Dimensionless
Strain rate 1/T 1/s
θaw Air-water contact angle Dimensionless
θHg Mercury-sediment contact angle Dimensionless
µ Viscosity M/LT Pa·s
ρ Hydrometer reading M/L3 kg/m3
ρf Density of solution without sediment M/L3 kg/m3
ρs Specimen grain density M/L3 kg/m3
σa’ (MPa) Axial effective stress M/LT2 Pa
σaw Air-water interfacial tension M/T2 N/m
σHg Air-mercury interfacial tension M/T2 N/m
σpc’ (MPa) Maximum vertical effective stress M/LT2 Pa
σv’ (MPa) Vertical effective stress M/LT2 Pa
σvh’ (MPa) Vertical effective stress under hydrostatic conditions M/LT2 Pa
ϕ0 Reference porosity Dimensionless


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