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Figure F10. Age-depth plot based on first and last occurrence datums of microfossils in Hole U1378B. Approximate sediment accumulation rates (red dashed line) are based on calcareous nannofossils datums: the last occurrence (LO) of Pseudoemiliania lacunosa in Sample 28X-CC (237.47 mbsf) Core 28X-CC and the LO of Helicosphaera sellii occurs in Sample 57X-CC (476.18 mbsf). Blue dashed line indicates the estimation of planktonic foraminifer datums: the LO of Globigerinoides ruber pink in Sample 5H-CC (43.77 mbsf) and the coiling change of planktonic genus Pulleniatina from sinistral to dextral, from Sample U1378C-42X-CC (351.71 mbsf) to 30X-CC (245.19 mbsf).

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