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Figure F15. Age-depth plot based on the last occurrences (LOs) and biostratigraphic zonal intervals of calcareous nannofossils at Site U1379. Approximate sediment accumulation rates (red dashed line) are based on the LO of Pseudoemiliania lacunosa in Sample 334-U1379C-57X-CC (476.20 mbsf), the LO of Helicosphaera sellii in Sample 73X-CC (622.28 mbsf), the LO of Calcidiscus macintyrei in Sample 80X-CC (679.99 mbsf), the last confirmed sample of the P. lacunosa Zone in Sample 85X-CC (722.48 mbsf), and the Discoaster pentaradiatus Zone in Samples 106X-CC through 118X-CC (907.14–947.25 mbsf).

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