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Figure F16. A. Predicted lithostratigraphy of the Site 1256 crust based on geological observations from the Oman ophiolite. B. Field photograph showing the intrusive contact of gabbro with sheeted dikes at the sheeted dike–gabbro transition (Aswad, Sumail massif). C. Field photograph of varitextured gabbros from a few meters below the dike–gabbro transition (Wadi Gideah, Wadi Tayin Massif). D. Field photograph of subvertically foliated cumulate gabbros from the upper gabbro section (Aswad, Sumail Massif). E. Field photograph of Moho-parallel modally layered cumulate gabbros (Samrah, Sumail Massif); layers are ~30 to 60 cm thick.

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