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Figure F36. P-wave velocity for discrete samples from Expeditions 312 and 335. Solid diamonds are revised velocities for gabbro samples from core measured onboard during Expedition 335, whereas colored solid circles are measurements from non-core samples plotted at the depth from which they were recovered. Colors indicate the measurement direction in the standard IODP core reference frame where red, green, and blue are the x-, y-, and z-directions respectively. For non-core samples, directions were assigned with respect to the cut faces. Expedition 335 samples were submerged in seawater during measurement and are deemed to be more representative of in situ conditions than measurements made during Expedition 312 (solid black circles). Open circles represent shore-based measurements from Violay et al. (2010). The downhole sonic log (Guérin et al., 2008) is also shown for comparison.

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