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Figure F3. Photographs of various coring, drilling, fishing, and milling tools used during Expedition 335, illustrating some of the multiple operation events reported in “Operations” in the “Expedition 335 summary” chapter. A. Smith 9 inch F9 tricone bit used for Run 1 to work the obstruction between 920 and 925 mbsf; teeth were not worn, and much of the work was on the outside faces. B. Reed 9 inch tricone bit (IADC Type 517) used for Run 2. Note the more aggressive cutting structure of this bit compared to the first one. Again, after working the obstructed interval between 920 and 923 mbsf, the cones underwent very little damage, except for a couple of missing teeth. C. After Runs 3–5, dedicated to working further and cementing the interval between 882 and 922 mbsf, this 9 inch Atlas HP61 tricone bit was used during Run 6 to drill through cement and again work the obstructed interval at 922–923 mbsf. It returned in good condition with no appreciable shirttail wear, with all teeth intact and exhibiting very little wear. D. One of the two external junk baskets (EXJBs) run together with the tricone of E during Run 6; the two EXJBs returned basalt fine-grained cuttings and pebbles. (Continued on next 10 pages.)

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