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Figure F3 (continued). KK. Bowen fishing magnet tool, at the end of Run 22, with very little metal debris, although the tool tagged the bottom of the hole. LL. Damaged bowsprings of the upper centralizer of the logging tools after running the first (triple combo) logging run (Run 23). MM. The bowsprings were replaced by new, slightly thicker ones, which caused the Formation MicroScanner-sonic tool to be stuck in the logging BHA at the start of the second logging run. This picture shows the bowsprings stuck in the landing saver sub during the recovery of the tool. NN. Ulterra RCB C-9 bit used for the last run of Expedition 335 (24), for coring and then cementing the lowermost 10 m of the hole and the interval between 910 and 940 mbsf. (Continued on next page.)

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