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Figure F48. Photomicrographs of granoblastic recrystallization textures. A. Moderate recrystallization to granoblastic assemblage of clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, plagioclase and Fe-Ti oxides (Sample 335-1256D-Run13-RCJB-Rock B; Thin Section 30) (plane-polarized light). Note relict lath shapes of plagioclase. B. Sample completely recrystallized to granoblastic texture (Sample 335-1256D-Run12-RCJB-Q; Thin Section 25) (cross-polarized light). C. Orthopyroxene-rich vein cutting recrystallized background (recrystallization degree = 4; see Fig. F44) (Sample 335-1256S-Run11-EXJB-J3; Thin Section 11) (plane-polarized light).

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