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Figure F58. Structural synthesis of Hole 1256D plutonic section. Structures with an asterisk are tentatively reoriented into the geographic reference frame (see STRUCTURE_LOGS_312_335 in DESCRIPTIONS in “Supplementary material”). Igneous contacts between gabbros and aphyric basalt with granoblastic texture and between aphyric basalt with and without granoblastic textures are in red text. Boundaries in blue text are internal boundaries in Gabbro 1 that accompany changes in modal percent of leucocratic zones, SPO, and magnetic susceptibility (see Fig. F64). Boundaries in black text are internal unit/unit boundaries. High-T = high-temperature. Note that horizontal length is exaggerated, which artificially reduces the dip of structures. A. Cores 213R through 221R. (Figure continued on next two pages.)

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