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Appendix: Superfast Spreading Crust acronyms1

Expedition 335 Scientists2

    AARM: anisotropy of anhysteretic remanence

    AF: alternating field

    AMS: anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility

    AMSOC: American Miscellaneous Society

    APCT: advanced piston corer temperature tool

    APS: Accelerator Porosity Sonde

    ARM: anhysteretic remanent magnetization

    BCR: bicenter reamer

    BGRM: Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschafen und Rohstoffe magnetometer

    BHA: bottom-hole assembly

    BHTV: Borehole Televiewer tool

    BOH: bottom of hole

    BSJB: bit sub junk basket

    CADA: cam-actuated drill-ahead

    CDP: complex drilling proposal

    ChRM: characteristic remanent magnetization

    CORK: circulation obviation retrofit kit

    CPF: crystal-plastic fabric

    CRF: core reference frame

    CSD: circular standard deviation

    DC: drill collar

    DC-SQUID: direct-current superconducting quantum interference device

    DESCINFO: descriptive and interpretive information

    DI: deionized water

    DIRM: drilling-induced remanent magnetization

    DLL: Dual Laterolog

    DP: dynamic positioning

    DSDP: Deep Sea Drilling Project

    DSI: Dipole Sonic Imager

    EDTC: Enhanced Digital Telemetry Cartridge

    EOP: end of pipe

    EPR: East Pacific Rise

    EXJB: external junk basket

    FM: fishing magnet

    FMS: Formation MicroScanner

    FMS-sonic: Formation MicroScanner/Dipole Sonic Imager

    FTJB: flow-through junk basket

    FWHM: full width of half maximum

    GAD: geocentric axial dipolar

    GC: gas chromatography

    GPIT: General Purpose Inclinometry Tool

    GPS: Global Positioning System

    GRA: gamma ray attenuation

    HLDS: Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde

    HNGS: Hostile Environment Natural Gamma Ray Sonde

    HRB: hard rock base

    HRLA: High-Resolution Laterolog Array

    IADC: International Association of Drilling Contractors

    ICP-AES: inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectroscopy

    IGRF: International Geomagnetic Reference Field

    IODP: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

    IU: instrument units

    IUGS: International Union of Geological Sciences

    LDEO: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

    LDVT: linear voltage displacement transformer

    LEH: logging equipment head

    LEH-MT: Logging Equipment Head with Tension and Mud Temperature

    LET: logarithm of extreme time

    LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System

    LOI: loss on ignition

    LTD: low-temperature demagnetization

    MAD: moisture and density

    MADC: moisture and density, method C

    MARK: Mid-Atlantic Ridge Kane Fracture Zone

    MBR: mechanical bit release

    mbrf: meters below rig floor

    mbsf: meters below seafloor

    m CSF-A: meters core depth below seafloor, method A

    MCS: multichannel seismic

    MORB: mid-ocean-ridge basalt

    MRU: motion reference unit

    MS: magnetic susceptibility

    msb: meters subbasement

    MSPOINT: point magnetic susceptibility

    MTT: Modular Temperature Tool

    NGR: natural gamma radiation

    NGRL: Natural Gamma Radiation Logger

    N-MORB: normal mid-ocean-ridge basalt

    NOR: Geoset diamond core bit

    NRM: natural remanent magnetization

    OBH: ocean bottom hydrophone

    ODL: Overseas Drilling Limited

    ODP: Ocean Drilling Program

    PCA: principal component analysis

    PEF: photoelectric effect

    POOH: pull out of hole

    PPL: plane-polarized light

    PSV: paleosecular variation

    RBI: Rock Bit International

    RCB: rotary core barrel

    RCJB: reverse circulation junk basket

    RFT: retrievable formation tester

    RIH: run in hole

    ROP: rate of penetration

    ROV: remotely operated vehicle

    RTD: resistance temperature detector

    RSC: reflection spectroscopy color

    SAM: special approximation method

    SGT: Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool

    SHIL: Section Half Imaging Logger

    SHLF: section half

    SHMSL: Section Half Multisensor Logger

    SIF: subhorizontal irregular fracture

    SPO: shape-preferred orientation

    SRM: superconducting rock magnetometer

    TAMU: Texas A&M University

    TAP: Temperature/Acceleration/Pressure tool

    TCI: tungsten carbide inserts

    TD: total depth

    T/D: top drive

    TP: total penetration

    TS: thin section

    UBI: Ultrasonic Borehole Imager

    USIO: US Implementing Organization

    UTC: Universal Time Coordinated

    VCD: visual core description

    VDS: vector difference sum

    VIT: vibration-isolated television

    VSI: Versatile Seismic Imager

    VSP: vertical seismic profile

    WHC: wireline heave compensator

    WOB: weight on bit

    WOW: waiting on weather

    WR: whole round

    WRMSL: Whole-Round Multisensor Logger

    WST: Well Seismic Tool

    WSTP: water-sampling temperature probe

    WTR: Web Tabular Report

    XPL: cross-polarized light

    XRD: X-ray diffraction

Publication: 3 June 2012
MS 335-105

1 Expedition 335 Scientists, 2012. Appendix: Superfast Spreading Crust acronyms. In Teagle, D.A.H., Ildefonse, B., Blum, P., and the Expedition 335 Scientists, Proc. IODP, 335: Tokyo (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.). doi:10.2204/iodp.proc.335.105.2012

2Expedition 335 Scientists’ addresses.