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Figure F3. Summary of Hole 395A logging results. Blue lines = eruptive unit divisions (after Bartetzko et al., 2001), black lines = limits of casing and pipe for Expedition 336 operations. Arrows mark trends in gamma ray and resistivity. Measurements include borehole diameter (C1, C2 = FMS pass [ODP Leg 174B]), gamma ray (TGR 174B ARI = total gamma ray [TGR] counts from Azimuthal Resistivity Imager tool string [Leg 174B]; TGR 174B DIT = TGR counts from Dual Induction Sonde tool string [Leg 174B]; TGR 395A 2U2 = TGR counts from Microbiology Combination tool string Run 2, Uplog 2 [Expedition 336]; TGR 395A 2D1 = TGR counts from the Microbiology Combination tool string Run 2, Downlog 1 [Expedition 336]), bulk density (Leg 174B), resistivity (174B IMPH = medium induction phasor-processed resistivity, 174B IDPH = deep induction phasor-processed resistivity [both Leg 174B]), and P-wave velocity (174B VP = compressional wave velocity measured with downhole sonic sonde [Leg 174B]). A summary of core recovery and lithologic units is provided at far left (after Shipboard Scientific Party, 1979, fig. 9). DSDP = Deep Sea Drilling Project. Electrofacies log after Bartetzko et al. (2001).

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