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Figure F13. Photomicrographs of basaltic rocks, Hole U1382A. A. Euhedral olivine inclusions in tabular plagioclase crystals (interval 336-U1382A-3R-4, 82–99 cm, Thin Section 3). B. Olivine microphenocrysts pseudomorphed by yellowish clay minerals and brown Fe oxyhydroxide (interval 336-U1382A-5R-1, 31–36 cm, Thin Section 7). C. Tightly clustered tabular plagioclase forming a single glomerocryst (interval 336-U1382A-10R-2, 106–119 cm, Thin Section 23). D, E. Interval 336-U1382A-10R-2, 66–97.5 cm, Thin Section 24: (D) plagioclase-olivine-clinopyroxene mixed-phase glomerocryst, (E) spherulites and glass in a chilled margin of massive lava. A, C, and D are under cross-polarized light; B and E are under transmitted light.

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