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Figure F16. Photomicrographs of microstructures in serpentinized harzburgites and lherzolites (cross-polarized light). A–C. Section 336-U1382A-8R-4 (Piece 6), Thin Section 18: (A) olivine subgrain boundary in harzburgite, (B) spinel in harzburgite, (C) thin carbonate vein in harzburgite. D. Carbonate vein with manganese oxide and plagioclase in harzburgite (Section 336-U1382A-9R-1 [Piece 14B], Thin Section 17). E, F. Section 336-U1382A-9R-1 (Piece 12), Thin Section 16: (E) slightly bending orthopyroxene showing wavy extinction and exsolution lamella in lherzolite, (F) plagioclase occurring interstitially between olivine grains in lherzolite.

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