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Figure F20. Photomicrographs of composite vesicles from Hole U1382A basalt. A. Vesicle (~1 mm in diameter) filled with fibrous carbonate and iddingsite as reddish outer ring (plane-polarized light) (Sample 336-U1382A-7R-1, 76–79 cm). B. Vesicle (~0.5 mm in diameter) filled with carbonate (cross-polarized light) (Sample 336-U1382A-9R-3, 20–23 cm). C. Multilayered partially filled vesicle, lined with bright orange Fe-rich smectite followed by a saponite band and deep red Fe oxyhydroxide core (plane-polarized light) (Sample 336-U1382A-4R-3, 39–42 cm). D. Multilayered partially filled vesicle lined with saponite followed by Fe oxyhydroxide (plane-polarized light) (Sample 336-U1382A-4R-3, 39–42 cm).

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