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Figure F11. Half-round and whole-round core scanner images illustrating different kinds of alteration features, Unit 3. A. Pervasively altered aphyric basalt with crypto- to microcrystalline groundmass (interval 336-U1383C-31R-2, 44–58 cm [Piece 7]). Note numerous isolated and irregular veins composed of mixed calcite and zeolite assemblages. B. Alteration halos in aphyric basalt with cryptocrystalline groundmass (interval 336-U1383C-31R-2, 59–71 cm [Piece 8]). C. Variolitic pillow margin showing a typical blotchy alteration texture caused by various extents of alteration of mesostasis and interstitial glass (interval 336-U1383C-16R-2, 29–34 cm [Piece 6]). D. Fine-grained aphyric basalt from the bottom of Unit 3 (interval 336-U1383C-32R-1, 124–133 cm [Piece 6]).

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