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Figure F13. Close-up photographs of different breccia types, Hole U1383C. A. Whole-round and half-round close-up photographs of tectonic breccia in Unit 3 (interval 336-U1383C-11R-1, 46–54 cm [Piece 9]). Bottom photograph shows microcrystalline aphyric basalt (left) and fine-grained aphyric basalt (right) separated by light brown cryptocrystalline micritic sediment. B. Composite breccia with two domains (interval 336-U1383C-32R-3, 0–4 cm [Piece 1]). The top left piece margin is breccia with small (<1 mm) angular basaltic clasts cemented by a light brown to green clay matrix. The rest of the piece is possibly pseudobreccia with gray basaltic domains that are less altered than the remaining basaltic groundmass, which is composed essentially of grayish-brown clay.

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