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Table T11. Logging operations summary, Hole U1383C.

3 Nov 0025 Downhole logging operations start
3 Nov 0120 On power up the tools string encountered a communications issue. The problem was located around the resistivity sonde (HRLA). Following some trouble-shooting, the HRLA sonde was removed from the tool string.
3 Nov 0255 AMC II tool string run into hole and a downlog was started from surface to monitor the DEBI-t
3 Nov 0504 Begin “true” downlog at 4400.5 m WRF
3 Nov 0536 Wireline heave compensator optimization performed
3 Nov 0705 Reach total depth of 4750.1 m WRF (bottom of hole not tagged on this down pass)
3 Nov 0706 Begin uplog
3 Nov 0806 Begin second downlog (from 4486.5 m WRF)
3 Nov 0906 Begin second uplog (from 4752.4 m WRF; tagged bottom)
3 Nov 1012 Second uplog finished at 4412.8 m WRF after logging through the seafloor
3 Nov 1310 AMC II tool string rigged down
3 Nov 1344 FMS-sonic tool string rigged up
3 Nov 1410 FMS-sonic run into hole
3 Nov 1634 Begin logging downward from 4400.1 m WRF; WHC was assessed briefly and was completed at 1710 h
3 Nov 1746 Tool string reached total depth 4757.2 m WRF
3 Nov 1748 Begin first pass
3 Nov 1835 End of first pass (ran calipers just into casing)
3 Nov 1836 Run tool string back down to total depth
3 Nov 1901 Begin second pass
3 Nov 1952 End of second pass
3 Nov 2220 Tool string back to the surface
3 Nov 2245 FMS-sonic rigged down and logging operations concluded

HRLA = High-Resolution Laterolog Array, AMC II = adapted microbiology combination II, FMS = Formation MicroScanner. DEBI-t = Deep Exploration Biosphere Investigative tool. WHC = wireline heave compensator. Time is reported as ship local (UTC – 3 h).

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