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Table T1. Summary of carbon leaching rates from borehole and CORK materials incubated in seawater at three different temperatures (4°C, room temperature ~ 22°C, and 60°C).

Temperature: 4°C Room temperature 60°C
Incubation time: 1 h 1 day 1 week 1 month 1 h 1 day 1 week 1 month 1 h 1 day 1 week 1 month
Coat TK-2 (nmol/cm2/d) 1E+05 6E+02 3E+00 8E–01 4E+04 1E+03 6E+01 5E+01
Coat TK-34XT (nmol/cm2/d) 1E+05 1E+03 2E+00 7E–01 3E+04 2E+03 3E+01 7E+00
Coat TK-69 (nmol/cm2/d) 1E+05 4E+02 3E+00 1E+00 3E+04 6E+02 4E+01 8E+00
Coat TK-805 (nmol/cm2/d) 2E+03 2E+01 3E+00 4E–01 3E+03 1E+02 1E+01 3E+00
Coat Xylan (nmol/cm2/d) 1E+01 4E+00 5E+00 7E+00 3E+00 5E+00 6E+02 2E+02 6E+01
Coat Amerlock1 (nmol/cm2/d) 2E+04 3E+02 7E+00 1E+00 2E+04 4E+02 2E+02 9E+01 6E+04 1E+04 2E+03 3E+02
Coat Amerlock2 (µmol/g/d) 8E+01 2E+01 2E+02 3E+01 8E+02 2E+01
Coat Alocit 28 (µmol/g/d) 2E+00 1E–01 8E+00 5E–01 4E+02 2E+01
FG anhydride (nmol/cm2/d) 4E+00 4E+00 3E+01
FG aromatic amine (nmol/cm2/d) 6E+00 6E+00 2E+01
FG aliphatic (nmol/cm2/d) 2E+02 6E+01 3E+02
Pack standard (nmol/cm2/d) 5E+03 9E+01 1E+04 2E+03 6E+02 1E+02
Pack FSC-11 (nmol/cm2/d) 2E+05 1E+04 4E+03 1E+03 4E+05 3E+04 6E+03 2E+03
Bestolife 60% lead-base dope (nmol/cm2/d) 3E+03 6E+02 2E+02 4E+03 5E+02 1E+02 6E+03 9E+02 4E+02
Bestolife ZN 50 dope (nmol/cm2/d) 2E+03 2E+02 8E+01 4E+03 5E+02 1E+02 8E+03 9E+03 6E+03
Eco-Sil dope (nmol/cm2/d) 4E+04 5E+03 2E+03 1E+03 6E+04 1E+04 6E+03 4E+03 2E+05 7E+04 4E+04 1E+04
TF-15 grease (µmol/g/d) 3E+01 2E+00 4E+01 2E+00 2E+02 2E+01
Loctite sealant (µmol/g/d) 6E+02 6E+01 9E+02 2E+01 3E+03 9E+00
APT 3 sealant (µmol/g/d) 8E+02 3E+01 1E+03 4E+01 2E+03 1E+02

Leaching rates expressed as nmol C leached per cm2 (surface area) per day or mmol C leached per gram material per day. — = data not available.

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