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Figure F5. Umbilicals, miniscreens, and centralizers used during Expedition 336. A. Upper termination of umbilical lines to CORK wellhead run past a stainless steel centralizer. Note that centralizers in the 10¾ casing are not coated. B. Umbilicals secured with Smartbands. Note that lines coming from black flatpack are ⅛ and ¼ inch stainless steel umbilicals for chemistry, and the white and gray tubes are Tefzel umbilicals for microbiology connected to titanium fittings. C. Umbilicals connected to packer pass-throughs and secured with Smartbands. D. Umbilicals secured to fiberglass around plastic Kwik-zip centralizer (30 cm in length). E. Moonpool set-up for running umbilicals from reels through banana sheaves around the CORK casing. F. Close-up view of miniscreens (1 m in length). G. Miniscreen attached to outside of Amerlock-coated drill collar and secured between Xylan-coated steel centralizers with Smartbands and tape. Photos by Beth Orcutt (A, B, and F), Bill Crawford/TAMU (C, D, and E), and Geoff Wheat (G).

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