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Figure F4. Section photos and X-ray CT scan images of selected intervals of different units. A. Sandstone with pebbles of igneous rocks and few cherts, Subunit IIa (Sample 337-C0020A-4R-2, 58–71 cm). B. Vertical burrows filled with medium sandstone in a silty shale, Subunit IIb (Sample 12R-2, 25–43.5 cm). Shell fragments appear in the lower part. C. Photo shows coaly shale with pyrite (upper part) in contact with coal interval (lower part), Unit III (Sample 19R-7, 98–115.5 cm). D. Light brown cemented (sideritic) mudstone and concretions, Unit III (Sample 24R-2, 24–39 cm). In the middle of this brown horizon, a thin coaly layer appears. E. Siltstone with siderite concretions and siderite band in silty shale, Unit IV (Sample 30R-1, 47.5–64 cm). Lenticular bedding is visible in this section.

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