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Table T3. Scan settings for X-ray CT scanner.

Parameter Setting
Scan type Helical-full-0.5 s
Interval (mm) 0.625
Gantry tilt S0.0
Scan field of view Small
Voltage (kV) 120
Current (mA) 100
Detector rows 16
Helical thickness (mm) 0.625
Pitch 0.562:1
Speed (mm/rot) 5.62
Dual field of view (cm) 9.6
R/L center (mm) R0.0
A/P center (mm) A0.0
Recon type Detail
Matrix size (pixel) 512 × 512
Recon option Full
Direct vis Off

Protocol name: 090624_Exp319 9.1 071210_Aluminum Piece. R/L center = distance right or left of the center line, A/P = distance anterior or posterior of the center line.

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