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Table T3. Lithologic units with sediment age information, Hole C0020A.

Unit Subunit Core/Cuttings number Depth interval
MSF (m)
Lithology Age
I       a Samples 337-C0020A-24-SMW through 58-SMW 647–926.5 279.5 Diatom-bearing siltstone and claystone late–middle Pliocene
b Samples 337-C0020A-59-SMW through 88-SMW 926.5–1116.5 190 Semiconsolidated diatom-bearing clayey siltstone with common
fine sandstone
middle Pliocene/early Pliocene–late Miocene
c Samples 337-C0020A-92-SMW through 95-SMW 1116.5–1236.5 120 Unconsolidated to semiconsolidated sandstone and silty
sandstone with rare clayey siltstone
early Pliocene–Miocene
d Samples 337-C0020A-97-SMW through 98-SMW 1236.5–1256.5 20 Semiconsolidated clayey siltstone with medium loose sand early Pliocene–Miocene
II   a Samples 337-C0020A-98-SMW through 153-SMW;
Cores C0020A-1R through 6R
1256.5–1506.5 250 Sandstone and siltstone associated with marine fossiliferous
b Samples 337-C0020A-153-SMW through 216-SMW;
Cores C0020A-7R through 14R
1506.5–1826.5 320 Organic-rich shale and sandstone associated with plant remains Miocene
III   Samples 337-C0020A-216-SMW through 261-SMW;
Cores C0020A-15R through 25R
1826.5–2046.5 220 Organic-rich sandstone and shale associated with coalbeds early–middle Miocene
IV   a Samples 337-C0020A-261-SMW through 384-SMW;
Cores C0020A-26R through 29R
2046.5–2426.5 380 Shale and sandstone associated with carbonate and glauconitic
early Miocene–late Oligocene
b Samples 337-C0020A-384-SMW through 391-SMW;
Cores C0020A-30R through 32R
2426.5–2466 39.5 Sandstone and shale associated with coalbed early Miocene–late Oligocene

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