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Table T3. LWD/MWD tool acronyms, descriptions, and units.

Tool Output Description Unit
Surface Drilling parameters
BD Bit depth m
TD Total depth m
HKLD Hook load kkgf
SPPA Surface pump pressure kkgf
ROP*5 5 ft averaged rate of penetration m/h
SWOB Surface weight on bit kkgf
GRM1 LWD natural gamma radiation gAPI
CRPM_RT Collar rotation rpm
TRPM_RT Fluid pulse turbine rotation rpm
MWD Measurement while drilling
RGX Rotating axial accelerometer rpm
RHX Rotating axial magnetometer rpm
A_JAM Antijam counter
TUR_RPM Turbine rotation rpm
SHOCK Shock counter
CRPMS Average MWD collar rotation rpm
STICKNSLIP Peak-to-peak collar rotation rpm
MTF/GTF Magnetic/gravity toolface  
LTBRT LTB retries counter  
MWDSTAT Tool status word  
DI_TEMP Direction and inclination sensor temperature °C
TOTALSHOCK Total shocks  
CUREDT Current equivalent drilling time  
arcVISION real time/APWD   Annular pressure while drilling/Array resistivity tool  
APRS_c Annular pressure kPa
ATEMP_c Annular temperature °C
SHKLV_c Shock level  
ARC6STAT Tool status word  
PESD_c Hydrostatic pressure during pump off  
ESDT_c Time stamp for PESD  
PMIN_c Minimum pressure during pump off  
PMIT_c Time stamp for PMIN  
PMAX_c Maximum pressure during pump off  
PMAT_c Time stamp for PMAX  
arcVISION memory Array resistivity tool
DHAP Downhole annular pressure kPa
DHAT Downhole annular temperature °C
ECD Equivalent circulating density g/cm3
sonicVISION real time           Sonic while drilling tool  
DTCO_s Δt compressional slowness µs/ft
CHCO_s Sonic compressional semblance  
C_PEAK3_s First 3 peak array with Δt, coherence, and traveltime  
SONSK_s Shock risk  
sonicVISION memory Sonic while drilling tool
SPWi Receiver_i spectrum array
Wfi Filtered waveform_i, 1/2 ft averaged
WFiT Filtered waveform _i, 2 inch averaged
DTTA Δt compressional from transmitter array µs/ft
DTBC Δt compressional borehole compensated µs/ft
DTDF Δt compressional difference between DTRA and DTTA µs/ft
CHRA Coherence at compressional peak; receiver array
CHTA Coherence at compressional peak; transmitter array
TTRA Transit time at compressional peak; receiver array µs
TTTA Transit time at compressional peak; transmitter array µs
ITTI Integrated transit time ms
DTCO Δt compressional after processing µs/ft
geoVISION real time   geoVISION resistivity tool  
GRRA_r Natural gamma radiation average gAPI
RING_r Ring resistivity  
RBIT_r Resistivity at bit Ωm
RSBA_r Shallow button resistivity average Ωm
RMBA_r Medium button resistivity average Ωm
RDBA_r Deep button resistivity average Ωm
SHKT_r Transverse shock
SHKA_r Axial shocks
RABSTAT Tool status word
geoVISION memory                                                         geoVISION resistivity tool  
GR Total natural gamma radiation gAPI
GR_IMG Total natural gamma radiation image gAPI
RES_RING Ring resistivity Ωm
RES_BIT Bit resistivity Ωm
RES_BS Shallow button resistivity Ωm
RES_BM Medium button resistivity Ωm
RES_BD Deep button resistivity Ωm
RES_BS_IMG Shallow button resistivity image Ωm
RES_BM_IMG Medium button resistivity image Ωm
RES_BD_IMG Deep button resistivity image Ωm
TAB_RAB_BS Shallow button resistivity time after bit s
TAB_RAB_BM Medium button resistivity time after bit s
TAB_RAB_BD Deep button resistivity time after bit s
AZIM Measured azimuth from well survey °
P1AZ Pad 1 azimuth in horizontal plane (0 = true north) °
P1NO Pad 1 azimuth in horizontal orthogonal to tool axis (0 = true north) °
ROP5 Rate of penetration averaged over the last 5 ft (1.5 m) °
P1NO Pad 1 rotation relative to north azimuth °
TAB_GR Gamma ray time after bit h
TAB_RES_BIT Bit resistivity time after bit h
TAB_RES_RING Ring resistivity time after bit h
TAB_RES_BS Shallow button resistivity time after bit h
TAB_RES_BM Medium button resistivity time after bit h
TAB_RES_BD Deep button resistivity time after bit h
RPM Rotational speed rpm
SHKL_AXL Axial shock level  
SHKL_RAD Radial shock level  

LWD = logging while drilling, MWD = measurement while drilling. Receiver i = 1, 2, 3, or 4.

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