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Table T8. Normalization factors for calculation of relative mineral abundance using bulk powder X-ray diffraction analysis, Expedition 338.

Affected mineral in
standard mixture
Normalization factor
Total clay minerals Quartz Feldspar Calcite
Influencing mineral:        
Total clay minerals 0.11006193E–01 −0.20231483E–03 −0.29246596E–03 −0.11871842E–02
Quartz −0.14089397E–04 0.58841606E–03 −0.24897352E–04 −0.23400669E–04
Feldspar 0.49289758E–03 −0.71762974E–04 0.11238736E–02 −0.41371561E–04
Calcite 0.56265158E–04 −0.41641979E–05 −0.50802228E–05 0.13876300E–02

Singular value decomposition was used to compute factors, following Fisher and Underwood (1995).

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