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Figure F101. Normalized whole-round multisensor core logger (MSCL-W) natural gamma radiation (NGR) and grain density of cuttings from 875 to 980 mbsf showing that cement and formation cuttings generated around their interface at 875.5 mbsf were mixed, Hole C0002F. The mixture of cuttings with different depths is well fitted by the advection-dispersion model for data of cuttings produced by the underreamer. Normalized NGR and grain density were calculated by (NGR – NGRc)/(NGRf – NGRc), where NGRc (6.64 cps) and NGRf (26.86 cps) are the averages of cement and formation cuttings NGR data, respectively. Normalized grain density (GD) were obtained by (GD – GDc)/(GDf – GDc), where GDc (1.87 g/cm3) and GDf (2.61 g/cm3) are the averages of cement and formation cuttings grain density, respectively.

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