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Figure F26. Smear slide and binocular microscope plates of mineralogy and fossils in cuttings samples. A–C. Binocular microscope images of (A) granite clast (Sample 338-C0002F-258-SMW; 1885.5 mbsf), (B) metamorphic schist clast (Sample 338-C0002F-153-SMW; 1505.5 mbsf), and (C) coal clast (Sample 338-C0002F-96-SMW; 1255.5 mbsf). D–F. Smear slides under PPL of (D) organic matter (Sample 338-C0002F-26-SMW; 950.5 mbsf), (E) calcareous nannofossils (Sample 338-C0002F-21-SMW; 930.5 mbsf), and (F) diatom fragments (Sample 338-C0002F-62-SMW; 1105.5 mbsf).

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