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Figure F59. Characteristic examples of minor faults. A. Black-colored faults (Sample 338-C0002F-169-SMW, >4 mm; 1565.5 mbsf). B. Enlargement of A (box). C, D. Black-colored fault slip zone (Sample 338-C0002F-169-SMW, >4 mm; 1565.5 mbsf; XPL); (C) with stepovers (dashed circle); (D) showing that quartz grain within the slip zone and foraminifer fossil along the zone are not fractured. E. Fault plane with 0.6 mm displacement of laminations in sandstone (Sample 338-C0002F-238-SMW, >4 mm; 1835.5 mbsf; XPL). Dashed line and arrows = fault plane and sense of displacement. F. Enlargement of E (box).

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