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Figure F61. Microstructures of silty claystone cuttings under XPL. The degree of preferred alignment of clay minerals in silty claystone increases with increasing depth. A. Silty claystone with no preferred orientation of clay minerals (Sample 338-C0002F-86-SMW, >4 mm; 1215.5 mbsf). B. Silty claystone with weakly oriented clay minerals and sandstone (Sample 338-C0002F-144-SMW, >4 mm; 1475.5 mbsf). Dashed line = sandstone/silty claystone boundary. C–F. Silty claystone with preferred orientation of clay minerals (dashed line); (C) Sample 338-C0002F-169-SMW, >4 mm; 1565.5 mbsf; (D) Sample 338-C0002F-187-SMW, >4 mm; 1625.5 mbsf; (E) Sample 338-C0002F-255-SMW, >4 mm; 1875.5 mbsf; (F) Sample 338-C0002F-289-SMW, >4 mm; 2004.5 mbsf.

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