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Figure F64. Examples of structures observed on working halves of split cores. A. Disrupted bedding close to the Unit III/IV boundary (interval 338-C0002J-5R-6, 13–25 cm). B. Deformation bands (arrows) (interval 338-C0002J-1R-7, 92–105 cm). C. Shear zone (interval 338-C0002J-1R-3, 10–20 cm). The releasing bend geometry of the upper shear zone and the Riedel shear geometry of secondary shear zones between the upper and central shear zones suggest a normal displacement component for the entire shear zone. D. Fragments of calcite-cemented breccia (interval 338-C0002J-7R-1, 6–12 cm). (Continued on next page.)

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