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Table T6. Summary of lithologic units, depths, and sample intervals, Hole C0002F.

Unit Depth
Interval Lithology Environmental interpretation
Major Minor
III 875.5–1025.5 7-SMW to 45-SMW Silty claystone Silty claystone Lower part of the Kumano forearc basin
IV 1025.5–1740.5        
Subunit IVA 1025.5–1140.5 45-SMW to 71-SMW Silty claystone Sandstone Upper accretionary prism slope basin
Subunit IVB 1140.5–1270.5 71-SMW to 100-SMW Silty claystone Sandstone Trench, accretionary prism slope basin, or Shikoku Basin submarine fan and related deposits
Subunit IVC 1270.5–1420.5 100-SMW to 134-SMW Silty claystone Sandstone
Subunit IVD 1420.5–1600.5 134-SMW to 182-SMW Silty claystone Sandstone
Subunit IVE 1600.5–1740.5 182-SMW to 215-SMW Silty claystone Sandstone
V 1740.5–2004.5 215-SMW to 289-SMW Silty claystone Sandstone Hemipelagic deposits—trench or Shikoku Basin?

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