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Table T3. Lithology conversions, Site U1385.

Lithology as originally described
(still present on visual core descriptions, in
smear slide descriptions, and in database)
Lithology as used in text and
on summary figures
Major lithologies  
Clayey nannofossil ooze Nannofossil clay (dark)
Muddy nannofossil ooze Nannofossil mud (dark)
Nannofossil ooze with clay Nannofossil clay (light)
Nannofossil ooze with mud Nannofossil mud (light)
Minor lithologies  
Nannofossil ooze Muddy nannofossil ooze
Silty nannofossil ooze Nannofossil silt
Nannofossil sandy silt Sandy silt with nannofossils
Nannofossil mud Mud with nannofossils
Mud with biogenic grains Mud with biogenic grains

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